Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The nice swindler inside Apple

Apple has just gone a step higher in my list of companies i hate. Let me explain my last experience with them.

So i am browsing the net and see there's an iPhoneOS 3.0 pre-release, you have to register, pay something like 80€ and then you are part of the developer program and can download the SDK. So as my daywork involves working with phones i decide to register and pay with my boss credit card, something i've done lots of times already and never had any problem with.

But seems Apple is special and needs the names to match. No problem, i can accept that.

What i can not accept is they charging my boss the 80€ and then denying me the access to the developer zone because names do not match. That's what i call a swindle.

And the even more wonderful thing is the people that answers my mails don't see Apple did anything wrong and is asking me to send a fax (to US that i don't want to know how much it cost) of my and my boss ID cards with a notary sign saying it's ok (i don't know elsewhere, but in Spain a notary is NOT CHEAP). And won't return the 80€ either. Wonder if the only chance is asking the bank not to pay that 80€ :-(

That's what i get for dealing with Apple :-/


Anonymous said...

Sad to see that Apple still ignores their paying customers, this attitude alway bugged my and it's also one reason why I don't buy any Apple Products.

Alex Wauck said...

That charge is clearly fraudulent. Tell the credit card company that it's bogus. If Apple complains, threaten to press charges.

Saem said...

If it's with a credit card you can do a stop payment.

Shyru said...

Well, that comes because of the fact that you register as person that you want to be a developer. You should have just registered yourself with the name of your boss.
Last year they had a problem with someone taking over an account just by saying that the email address changed. I think since then they made account changes really hard. :-(