Monday, August 29, 2005

Akademy day 2 talks

Wow, Krita has needed a long time to get got shape (almost 6 years since KImageShop) but the shape IS really good. Congrats to all the Krita team as they have some features that are very rare among free-software image editors for linux

Don't know if it was that the talk was boring or if it was that i was tired but i was in a almost-slept state for all the talk, so i can not report much apart from KCall beign a VoIP program and it beign rewritten as part of a Google Summer of Code

Firefox and KDE
Not much new as someone already said, but good news that Dirk is getting payed to do the port and that things may be finally get rolling.

Quanta and docboocks
Another WOW goes for Quanta, not only a very powerful HTML application but a killer editor for our documentation team as it gives many nice features to be able of editing docbooks

That's all for today, more tomorrow :-D
And BTW don't forget to go to to read some nice transcripts

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